Who is Dor?


I'm glad you asked!


D.O.R. is not a name, it's a title of a less than often celebrated and most especially important keeper of knowledge... The Docent of Reliquaries. A being unlike most others with a keen eye, a sharp mind and an almost otherworldly connection to the fabric of magic with an unrivaled ability to understand how it ties to the world of men. A sage among sages you could say, with a very particular specialty... Arcanically Imbued Objects Of Power, or as more commonly known, Magical Items.

When you think of Wizards and wizarding colleges do you think of tall towers, musky studies full of ancient tomes and long bearded old men deep into their geriatric period? Perhaps pointy hats, pompous upturned noses and enough quips to tan a young apprentice's backside thrice done before lunch who've never been forced to step foot into a truly haunted crypt or been tested against the numerous mystical weaves of opposing mages in the wild?

In the case of this particular sage you'd be wrong on all accounts.

D.O.R. is a title yes, earned through hard work and gifted only by the previous successor who had come before. While there remains only one and it's not announced widely or known by many when said title is overturned, it's known to be handed down slowly and through only the most rigorous of gauntlets based on true to life encounters recreated by the tester for the tested. An up and coming Docent of Reliquaries is sure to find their position earned and not simply given by name alone.

He must delve deep into the lost and forgotten ancient world at every opportunity and seek out ancient or unknown objects with direct connections to some form of magical power. Be they arcane, divine or even unaligned to any particularly known or identifiable source, it is his job to not only catalog these items but to test them and collect them for the betterment of all civilized beings in the known multiverse.

Knowing when to keep them and when to gift them is also a talent he must possess and although not all knowing and absolutely not always correct, he must at heart be open to the waves of fate. Traveling the planes, collecting and gifting magic objects to those in need and following his nose to the most secret places of the further planes in search of what drives him, D.O.R. is more often than not (and most importantly to you, most of all) a companion to heroes when they least expect it.

P.S. - Also known as the Best Selling Author of the Tome of Magical Mystery, The Decks of Magical Mystery, The Cursed Collective and many other books found throughout the realms!