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At Session Zero Games our goal is to make the most fun and useful RPG supplements and games on the market. Independently operated, crowd funded and built from the ground up with player enjoyment and creativity in mind.

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The Cursed Collective

The Cursed Collective Our most recent Kickstarter features 52 unique cursed magic items along with some exclusive extra's only available to backers for a limited time!

Making cursed items effective and fun is the reason that this project exists. No longer simply "bad" things that players suffer from occasionally and then remove with a Level 3 spell, the Cursed Collective offers new cursed items, new ways to implement them and a gaggle of story hook/mechanics to bring to life in your own worlds. Designed to be useful but with drawbacks so that players have to weigh their bonus against their detriment, these new additions will add years worth of good memories and harrowing tales to your adventures!

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